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Top 4 Tips to Make your Perfume Last Longer

When talking about how long a perfume lasts there are two different topics; how long a till your perfume expires and how long your perfume stays fragrant before fading away. Both of these are important topics when deciding what perfume to buy as we all want perfumes that stay amazingly fragrant and fresh for our whole day. 

However, this almost seems like a dream when looking at most standard perfumes and even some designer brands or perfumes due to their ingredients. The main problem is the use alcohol within perfumes. This is a double-edged sword in terms of perfumes as on the one hand it makes the perfume appear much stronger and rich however this facade only lasts hours if not minutes. This is why we implore you to try out an oil based perfume such as our attars which are longer lasting in nature due to its alcohol free composition. Not only this but perfume oils are much more unique in scent as well as more affordable making them the clear winner if your looking for a fragrance worth your money.

mukhallat perfume oil attar

Once you have bought one of our oil-based perfume attars we still have some valuable tips to extend the shelf life as they do not contain the same chemical preservatives as your cheap watered down perfumes. Don’t let this fool you as attars still have an average shelf life of 3 years if you follow our tips and tricks below.

1. Keep the lid on your Attar bottle


Although attar perfumes don’t contain alcohol which is highly volatile making it evaporate at low temperatures, we still insist you keep the lid on your bottle to maintain its initial pristine condition and strength as oils still will evaporate over much longer periods of time. This maybe seem pretty obvious information all to save a couple drops of attar but a couple drops of attar will last you months compared to store bought perfumes.

golden musk perfume oil attar

2. Keep your perfumes out of sunlight

To keep your perfume as strong as possible for as long as possible we would recommend storing the attar out of direct sunlight. The reason for this can be quite scientific and overwhelming but in simple the sunlight breaks down the chemical bonds that are responsible for the fragrance itself. To avoid this store your perfume somewhere out of direct sunlight such as a cupboard and away from any windows. We suggest you place them into the velvet pouch they arrive in to protect from direct sunlight.



3. Store somewhere cool

Although this is written on almost every product you see it is especially important for attar perfume oils. The temperature your perfume is stored in can have a strong impact on its lifetime and potency. This is because the warmth has a similar effect to direct sunlight in which is breaks down the chemical bonds of your attar perfume. This is eventually result in a sub optimal fragrance with a faded scent. You may feel this tip doesn’t affect you as you don’t store your perfume somewhere inherently warm but what about your bathroom? The steam from your bathroom is enough to cause the breakdown of the strength of your attar over longer periods of time. Instead store it in a place with a cooler temperature and lower humidity if possible.

4. Apply on Pulse Points

As explained in one of our other articles, attar should be applied to pulse points found on your wrists, neck and behind your ears. These allow the perfume to excel using your body heat and other factors. Check out our article on how to use perfume for more information on this. In addition to this however, the pulse points are in positions that are less likely to be rubbed or washed such as your hands. By applying attar on your wrists, you will get a refreshing sensation and boost of confidence every time you smell the perfume you applied many hours ago.

Bonus Tip

Wearing a perfume that will long lasting is an amazing feeling knowing that you smell good for long enough for people to actually notice. However, don’t fall into the misconception of thinking the perfume is gone just because you cannot smell it. Our chemical receptors within our nose that are responsible for our sense of smell eventually become numb to the smell of the perfume you are wearing especially if its long lasting like our perfume attars. This means you should probably think twice before reapplying as your second application may end up in an overpowering scent of perfume instead of the maintaining the initial strength.