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What Is Oud and Why is it so expensive?

Oud oil is an oil that is derived from the agar tree localised in Asia and the middle east. As a self defence mechanism, when these trees are infected by a particular type of mould (phialophora parasitica), the wood produces a unique resin. This resin is the source of our oud today. It is dark and has a rich and deep scent making it one of the world’s most desired luxuries.

The process from a simple resin to a perfume that costs enough to give you a heart attack is quite delicate but is definitely worth the profit. The wood is initially soaked in water for a long period of time before being placed in a boiler. This allows the resin and water to evaporate and collected through the use of a condenser. These processes may sound simple but are highly sensitive to physical conditions and could have dramatic effects on the quality and volume of oud produced. Both the agar wood (resin-soaked wood) and condensed oud oil are highly sought after in the perfume world and are considered to be the highest of luxuries.

The price of agarwood oud oil is not from its process, however. It comes from the scarcity of the agarwood tree with less than 2% of agarwood tress actually producing this fragrant elixir. It is used for its plethora of health reasons including nausea, abdominal pain, respiratory system and asthma. These are all aided by the sense of tranquillity the rich fragrance provides. This also makes it ideal as a replacement for tradition essential oils in the use of aromatherapy. They are also being infused into a variety of everyday health care essentials such as creams and body washes for those who can afford the luxury of Oud in everyday life.

The scent of oud is often described as a woody and smoky aroma. It is also extremely long lasting and potent as expected from its price tag. In comparison to Attar, Oud is a lot less budget friendly due to its uniqueness and subtle hints of opulence. However, we believe words cannot do the amazing fragrance of Oud justice.

The agar tree is considered one of the most expensive timbers in the world, with the global market reportedly being worth a staggering £5 billion! Unfortunately, due to its high demand it has been declared a potentially threatened species by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). So, agar trees are being grown now in other areas of the world in an attempt to keep up with demand, but these may have a naturally different scent to them.

The high demand of the agar tree makes this rare scented woof one of the most expensive timbers worldwide with a market of over £5 billion and constantly growing as its rarity increases. The demand for this fragrant timber is so high that the convention on international trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has declared the agar tree as a threatened species forcing them to be grown in other areas. This is an attempt to quench the high demand of this wonderful scented blessing despite having a slightly different natural scent to the original oud.


oud oil

What are the best Oud Oil perfumes?

Majority of the high-end perfume markets are full of the world’s finest fragrances which expectedly use oud as a key ingredient due to its potency as quality of fragrance. You’ll often find oud as a base note, while being combined and complemented by a variety of other ingredients including amber, ambergris or cedarwood.

With many oud oil retailers on the market it is hard to decide which are the best so here are some things to help you decide. Just because a perfume includes Oudh oil it does not guarantee you will even be able to notice it especially if it is overpowered by many other intense scents in a larger volume. This is why we believe the fewer the ingredients the better. Although our attar does not contain oud oil itself, we have simplified our ingredients to ensure our potency is highly desirable while also avoiding any chemicals such as alcohol which reduces the long-lasting effects of our attars. Some of the best complimentary aromas to oud include tonka bean and amber which highlight the masculinity of the fragrance while capturing the atmosphere of the middle east.

Oud Fragrance oil – when to wear it?

As you can tell by now, oud is far too expensive to be worn as a daily perfume unless you own a fortune 500 company in which case you probably deserve it.But for the rest of us, oud should be limited to special occasions unlike our attar oil which we believe to be a more versatile collection of perfumes due to their varying potencies. But for a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary, the oud is guaranteed to make an impression and boost your confidence.

The Numerous Benefits and Uses of Oud
This essential oil has many applications making it therapeutic and medicinal. Its unique qualities make it highly associated with harmony, and relaxation. It’s also believed to be A highly effective aid for meditation known to enhance mental clarity.

It also has many features as it can acts as a Carminative, Tonic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, diuretic, anti-microbial, digestive, febrifuge, expectorant, muscle relaxant, demulcent, Analgesic, Anti-arthritic and Antipruritic


There are also many other beliefs than come with the opulent oud perfume oil including:

·         The ability to attain inner peace as agarwood oud oil is often referred to as an oil of rescue giving it the ability to heal and aid with emotional trauma. This occurs through its harmonizing effects on the electrical frequencies within the brain

·         In Tibet, monks use this perfume oil in maximise their internal energy and peace of the soul giving it its place in numerous traditions and gatherings

·         With its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties mentioned earlier, it is often used as pain relief and inflammation for diseases such as arthritis

·         It is also said to be able to flush out toxins through frequent urination if 2 drops of agarwood oud oil are mixed with coconut oud oil and carefully applied to specific areas in order to reduce swelling and remover uric acid. You can also use 2 drops of the essential oud oil in hot or cold compress for soothing muscular pain.

·         Support the Digestive System with Agarwood oud oil. Agarwood oud oil support smooth digestion avoiding the build-up of gas when taken used a digestive.

·         Reduce Breath with Agarwood oud oil. Bacteria can be combatted with agarwood oud oil

·         Agarwood oud oil has been investigated for its anticancer properties.

·         Skin health can be improved by oud oil
Agarwood oud oil is an anti-inflammatory which makes it effective for any skin condition that features redness or puffiness.

·         Agarwood oud oil will remove bacteria from the skin apparently which could be useful for acne

·         Worries and inhibitions have claimed to be reduced by agarwood oud oil

·         Use a drop or two of the oud oils in combination with other aphrodisiac oud oils like Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood.

·         Use Agarwood oud oil in Meditation

·         Anoint acupuncture points with agar wood oud oil. Use a drop of oud oil in a blend in an aromatherapy diffuser or combine a drop or two of the oud oils with a carrier oud oil

·         Relieve itching With Agarwood oud oil. Agarwood oud oil is an antipruritic which means that it can easily alleviate itching. Dilute a couple of drops of the essential oud oil in water or a carrier oud oil and apply to the affected skin to find relief.

·         Agarwood oud oil can Help with A Cough

·         Avoid Congestion with Agarwood oud oil. Agarwood oud oil is anti-inflammatory, expectorant and demulcent.

·         Use Agarwood oud oil To Ease the Pain of Gout

·         Reduce Restless Leg Syndrome Using Agarwood oud oil

·         Achieve Restful Sleep with Agarwood oud oil

·         Use Agarwood oud oil To Fortify the Body

·         Stop nausea And Vomiting with Agarwood oud oil

·         Use Agarwood oud oil To Help with Memory loss And Learning

·         Rub a drop onto the pulse points or temples or even inhale

·         The main use is its amazingly potent and unique scent!