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The luxurious and complex scents has made Attar represent the heart of oil based perfumes in many countries across the world. As the complexity continuosly increases, the value of attar grows indefinately making it one of the most sought after natural luxuries. Our attar is designed to share the experience of this luxury without the use of any harsh processing that could possibly affect the experience.


Our perfumes are derived from 100% natural resources in order to produce a deeper and richer fragrance.

Alcohol free

Despite being so popular, the use of alcohol within perfumes counteracts the purpose by diffusing the strength and originality of the perfume. 


Our attars are formulated with quality ingredients providing a scent that will reside with you for longer.


Finding it hard to decide on which perfume is best for you? We understand. This is why we have launched our new sample pack containing a taster of each scent so you can buy with confidence.



How long till my item arrives?

Your item is estimated to arrive within 3-5 working days. We provide free shipping on all our products within the UK.

How long before it expires?

Attars have a very long shelf life however they do eventually expire due to reactions to storage conditions such as exposure to sunlight and warmer temperatures. Typically Our attars have a shelf life of 3 years however this can vary depending on storage conditions.

What is Attar?

Attar is usually described as an essential oil derived from a natural botanical source. This could range from a flower such as Jasmine to herbs, spices and bark. The oil is commonly used for its floral and long lasting fragrance without the use of alcohol and synthetics.tis.

What is the best way to apply my Attar?

Attar is usually sold in roller bottles for easy application to your pulse points such as your wrists, neck and behind the ears. These perfumes are enhanced by body heat making these areas ideal for application due to the high levels of blood pumping beneath the skin.

About Us

House of Attar is an Online Attar Shop based within the UK specialising in premium attar perfumes, perfume oils, Oud attar, traditional Arabian perfumes, perfume oils and oil-based perfumes in general. By selling luxury Attar online for an affordable and discounted price, we aim to share the timeless luxury of perfume oils throughout the UK. We also have a blog page dedicated to answering frequent questions such as: What is Attar? What are the benefits of Attar? What is Oud? And much more. Attar Oils are at the heart of many cultures for their alcohol free quality and their long lasting benefits. Being able to buy attar online will dramatically share the unique scent of attar perfume oils with everyone. Attars are much safer, longer lasting and more compliment worthy than today’s designer perfumes.

Quality and Quantity

Imagine paying hundreds of pounds on a perfume for it to disappear before anyone to even notice. This is the result of high proportions of alcohol. Instead here at House of Attar, we use alcohol free formulas with all ingredients being derived from botanical resources. This ensures the perfume has a much higher and more consistent potency than your typical perfumes. Our perfumes are also oil based giving them a much lower evaporation rate which reduces the initial strength of the perfume but as our perfumes react with your body heat, they begin to diffuse into the atmosphere providing a much stronger fragrance.

Still Unsure?

We also offer perfume samples which can give you a little sneak peak of each scent before choosing your favourite. This eliminates the doubt when buying any perfume online compared to buying perfume in store. Our 1ml perfume samples capture the fragrance of each of our perfume oils to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. If 1ml seems to little you can always purchase a 3ml sample pack to try out each perfume and see which one gets the most compliments. Although 3ml seems limited, our perfumes oils are concentrated so the perfume bottle will last you months!

Keys to Success

The key factors that make our perfumes unlike any other you already own are simple: high quality ingredients, potency and lifetime. Many people seem to believe that if you spend enormous amounts of money on a designer perfume then you must automatically be receiving high end ingredients. However, the price is often a reflection of the company’s name and money spent on advertisement rather than the ingredients itself. With many perfumes including unreasonable amounts of alcohol, they provide the illusion of a stronger scent as the alcohol evaporates much quicker. Although this seems like a good thing it results in perfumes that evaporate before any can even give you a compliment.

Your Every Need

We believe our perfume store covers 99% of your perfume needs. Whether you’re a man looking to replace your cheap fragrance or aftershave or even looking for the perfect gift idea; our online perfume shop covers it all. What if you already have a collection of mens perfumes,mens fragrances, mens aftershaves, mens Eau de toilette, mens Eau de cologne or even mens essential oils? We believe you still need our mens attar perfumes as the ultimate replacement. All your typical perfumes or even designer perfumes have similar proportions of alcohol and perfume oils. This means all the perfumes will inevitably have a similar lifetime, strength and sometimes even scent. On the other hand, our perfumes use formulas traditional to the middle east with the scent of nature itself.

For Everyone

Perfume is the key to feeling good. Whether you’re someone who takes hours every morning to pick the perfect outfit or the person who does the bare minimum, perfume is essential to your everyday routine. The same way brushing your teeth prevents bad breath and makes you feel refreshed to start your day, our mens perfumes provide long lasting fragrances that hug your body throughout the day to make you feel your best. Not only that but our perfumes are perfect for everyone. Whether you’re perfume connoisseur or someone who just likes to smell good, our perfume includes high quality products at an affordable price making our scents available to everyone.

A Quick Comparison
Attar Oils
Perfumes of Today

Although many designer perfumes dominate the perfume industry through advertising campaigns and luxury packaging, the use of Attar is still considered the best form of perfume around many parts of the world. This fragrant elixir was once used as an arrival gift in ancient Arabian countries as a symbol of royalty and luxury towards Queens.

So which is better?
Many people believe Attar and perfume are the same. They are both just scented liquids that you can apply as a fragrance to smell good…right? Wrong. Although Attars and perfumes share the same purpose of smelling good, they are far from the same beginning with their ingredients. The ingredients used to create the scented blessing of attar is far more opulent than what is sold in everyday perfume shops. Attar is made completely naturally derived ingredients in a process where the scent of botanical sources such as flowers and herbs are extracted and instilled within carrier oils to create a concentrated and potent fragrance; no dangerous chemicals. In comparison, many of today’s high-end perfumes are plagued with harmful chemical substances and use alcohol to provide the illusion of a stronger scent. Not only does alcohol ruin he concertation of the perfume but it also results in perfumes that fade away too quickly to enjoy.

Our Attar perfumes also have the advantage of being oil based. This may sound insignificant however the benefits are extraordinary. The volatility of perfume oils is much lower than alcohol-based perfumes making them evaporate at a much slower rate resulting in a much longer lasting scent. In addition, oil isn’t absorbed into the skin or affected by the elements as easily making it more durable for a day’s work. Normal perfume shops sell typical perfumes which smell amazing but for only a few minutes making you have to re-apply your expensive perfume multiple times a day. With Attar, due to its concentration and strength, one small bottle can last up to 6 months!

Our Attar for men

Our  mens perfume store provides luxury, alcohol free and naturally derived perfumes at an affordable price. Our  men’sAttars are free from any harsh chemicals and synthetics commonly found in drugstore perfumes to give the illusion of a stronger scent. By eliminating dilutants and chemicals, our products are longer lasting and safer on the skin.

The importance of a good fragrance is currently overlooked with the dramatic increase in the clothing and accessory market which satiates our hunger for a better appearance. However, your appearance is only 50% of the story. The use of a high quality and pure perfume will complete your journey to greater self confidence and an opulent lifestyle. Our natural perfumes can complete this missing piece with our range of products to cover all of your perfume requirements. The long-lasting fragrance will reduce the need of re applying your traditional fragrances after every hour.

We aim to provide this simple yet scare luxury to as many cities within the UK as possible. Our  Men’s Attars make a perfect gift for any occasion or even as an opportunity to treat yourself. By selling the best Attars and the most popular Attars we have, we believe we can bring oil-based perfumes to online UK market.

Wondering where to buy authentic perfume online? Or just curious about what is the best place to buy cheap perfumes online? We have you covered. With our range of offers and products from our mini samples to our large 12ml bottles with the price of attar wholesale, we aim to cover your every need. We also sell natural oud attar,ajmal style attar( 1001 nights),arabian attar and pure attar.With our regular discounts you ca buy cheap perfumes online. Do you have an interest in Long lasting perfumes, perfumes for men, luxury perfumes,sweet arabian perfumes,arabic perfumes,natural attars, matural perfumes, organic perfumes, arabian oud and mens colognes? Our attars would be perfect for you.

The process of buying natural perfume oil online can initially be intimidating and risky due to the large variety of perfume oils available through the world with paragraphs of description which only confuse you more. We decided to limit our products to only the best natural perfume oils available to us in order to reduce the hassle and inconvenience of low-quality perfume oils with high quality descriptions. We also use a simple description method describing the high, mid and base notes of each perfume as simply as possible to help reduce any doubt.

Our Legacy

“Verily, the parable of good company and bad company is only that of a seller of musk and a blacksmith. The seller of musk will give you some perfume, you will buy some, or you will notice a good smell. As for the Blacksmith, he will burn your clothes or you willl notice a bad smell.”